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BACKGROUND: The Santa Monica homeowners had just finished remodeling their Spanish style house and needed all new landscaping. The old garden was essentially gone.

DESCRIPTION: This design incorporates low maintenance areas as well as traditional garden styles. The curbside areas outside the sidewalks are filled with decomposed granite and accented with boulders and plants that require low water. The strip along the front wall is planted with a variety of ornamentals including horsetail, ground cover, and succulents. Inside the walls of the front yard are a lawn surrounding the owner's tiled fountain and a more traditional garden of succulents, ornamental grasses, herbs, trees and flowers.

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Laying down new soil and amendments.

Planting around the fountain.

A front lawn is added and beds are defined.

Succulents and a variety of ornamental grasses make an elegant statement in this front yard.

Street side curb appeal.

Low-maintenance with decomposed granite.

A few carefully placed boulders and plants that require little water

Besides looking nice, a good layer of mulch helps your garden by:

    • retaining water,
    • reducing soil run-off, and
    • discouraging weeds.

Horsetail planted against an exterior wall.

This exterior walkway is planted with ground cover, low-growing shrubs and back dropped with vines.

A charming exterior view.

Finally, a welcoming walkway with plants that seem to pull their colors directly from adjacent tiles.

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